Navy Strength Gin


A gin that celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Australia II victory in the America’s Cup

A very special gin release at the Republic of Fremantle. Taste a true Navy Strength Gin, rich in juniper but with an unexpected fresh fruit profile.

Our unique grape base spirit meets honeydew melon and bright calamansi citrus botanicals, perfect for a quenching summer serve.

We're proud to be honouring a race that enthralled the nation and inspired a generation of Aussie’s to challenge the status quo and take on the big guys with bare feet and a winning spirit of innovation.

This year’s Limited Edition artwork is inspired by the nautical alphabet, made up of 26 square flags, used by boats of all size to communicate on the ocean.

Juniper, Coriander, Angelica root, Aniseed, Fennel seed, Oolong Tea, Lemon Verbena, Honeydew melon and Calamansi

500ml Bottle | 57% ABV | 16.6 Standard drinks