Negroni Spritz Bottled Cocktail


The Negroni Spritz is a lighter, leaner take on a classic Negroni. This cocktail is the perfect aperitif, bitter-sweet and refreshing. 


Serve chilled in wine glass over ice with a fresh wedge of grapefruit. 


This Spritz has all the hallmarks of the beloved bitter-sweet Negroni, just a little more approachable. The usual suspects of Full Bodied Gin, Campari and sweet vermouth create the backbone, with some important guests...

The serve is infused with fig leaves, this unique twist gives notes of coconut, vanilla, and fresh fig. Guest starring is a house-made charred grapefruit and orange cordial, which beautifully balances the serve..

750ml Bottle  |  8% ABV  |  4.7 Standard drinks