Freo 75 Spritz Bottled Cocktail


The Freo 75 Spritz Bottled Cocktail is an elegant, bright, and textural citrus-forward spritz serve; the classic French 75 cocktail refashioned.  

How to drink

Once chilled, this ready to drink cocktail can be poured and enjoyed just as it is. 


You can expect all the hallmark flavours; gin, lemon, and champagne, however we have remodelled the recipe for a bottle serve. Our bright Aromatic Gin is the hero; fresh citrus and florals supported by a classic well-balanced juniper backbone.

A house-made cordial of lemon verbena and lemon myrtle stand in for lemon juice, bringing sunny citrus freshness and complexity to the serve. Dry vermouth along with Margaret River Chardonnay and carbonation imitate the effect of champagne.

750ml Bottle  |  8% ABV  |  4.9 Standard drinks