Gimlet Bottled Cocktail Gift Set


Two Gimlet Bottled Cocktails for one cocktail lover in your life

The festive gift set features two bottles of our fan favourite, Gimlet Nouveau Bottled Cocktail 500ml, expertly made by our talented bartenders to chill, pour and sip at home. 

No wrapping needed, a gift ready to go with a premium gift box and personalised gift card included.

Our Drinks Creative, Max Giudice originally developed the bottled cocktail to serve in Republic of Fremantle’s Distillery Bar and Restaurant. However, since opening the venue three years ago the cocktails have built a cult following, to date more than 5,000 Gimlet’s have been expertly poured and enjoyed in the Republic of Fremantle Distillery.

$10 Shipping Available or Click & Collect from the Distillery

"The subtle characters the grapes take from the sun and the soil gives life to our base spirit that is clean, crisp and rich in flavour."

Republic of Fremantle

Distilling Process

From Grape to Glass

Crafting our spirits is a true labour of love. We value master craftsmanship and believe in distilling there is no greater challenge than making your own base spirit from scratch.
Republic of Fremantle
Republic of Fremantle
By distilling spirits from scratch and making our own base spirit, we control the entire process from grape to glass. Distilling to 95% ABV, the magic mark for subtle fruit flavours and delicate floral notes of the grapes to carry through to our spirits.