In the Distillery Bar + Kitchen, we bring our from scratch ethos to life

With Head Chef Rene Moebius at the helm, we make each element of our dishes in house, starting from raw, whole, fresh ingredients, sourced from the finest producers and like-minded artisans.

We cook with live fire, embers and smoke, infusing primal natural flavours across our menu.

We are not tethered to a cuisine but take inspiration from a variety of cultures and culinary traditions that form the foundation and unique character of our beloved Port City.

The Republic of Fremantle cocktail menu takes inspiration from our distilling ethos, to ensure great spirits are at the forefront of every sip. Most cocktail recipes are not to try at home unless you have a bioscience degree and a blowtorch.

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Contact us if you have any questions or are looking to host your next event at the Republic of Fremantle Distillery. We look forward to seeing you on Pakenham St in Fremantle.

"For a uniquely Fremantle Spirit – Join the Republic of Fremantle."

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